Welcome – please check the video of new LIDAR design produced by Wind Farm Analytics Ltd and click here to read about the benefits of converging beam LIDAR.

20 Mar 2018: In response to Wind Farm Analytics Ltd application for Enterprise Investment Scheme Advance Approval HMRC has written to confirm that they would be able to issue relevant compliance certificates for EIS, enabling tax benefits for certain investors subject to full application. Subject to HMRC rules EIS gives investors 4 advantages – 30% income tax relief; no capital gains tax on profits; any losses are offset against other capital gains; no inheritance tax.

25 Jan 2018: Rushlight Awards innovation and investment conference – Project AMFIBIAL on floating converging beam LIDAR wind measurement – a collaboration between Wind Farm Analytics Ltd, Thales UK Ltd and Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd – has won the Wind Power award as well as the Natural Energy award, London, UK.

2 Jan 2018 – here is a video of floating LIDAR with converging beams under development.

9 May 2017 – Wind Farm Analytics argues for Energy Storage Capacity Markets to reduce energy storage cost for the consumer via competitive auctions, paid for by Energy Storage Use of System charging which will be of negligible cost to the consumer and most likely save the consumer significantly thanks to the added flexibility and energy security provided to the grid. Please read more on the proposed Energy Storage Capacity Market and Energy Storage Use of System charging .

29 May 2017 – Here is the consultation response from Wind Farm Analytics Ltd regarding Scottish Energy Strategy. Here is the consultation response from Wind Farm Analytics Ltd regarding Scottish Onshore Wind Policy.

Onshore/offshore wind energy technology investors please note: The patent GB2522581B has been published and granted and refers to technology which potentially can be on every wind turbine between 2020 and 2050 – please get in touch to learn more about this high scale high value manufacturing opportunity!

Wind Farm Analytics Ltd offers analysis services to wind farm owners and operators, wind farm developers, wind turbine manufacturers and research groups and wind industry investors or financiers.

Multiple percentage points of inefficiency, and therefore production and revenue loss, are occurring on many operational wind farms and often without the awareness of the operator. Wind Farm Analytics has unique knowledge of sources of wind turbine underperformance including curtailment, complex terrain, parameter settings and many other possibilities.

In order to maximise efficiency and assist in the success of wind energy such inefficiencies must be identified, root cause analysis undertaken and corrective measures agreed and implemented in order to eradicate the problem or prevent it recurring in future, either on the same project or on other projects. Once this is achieved cumulative benefits can accrue for the whole future of the wind farm operation implying potential efficiency increase for up to 25 years, not to mention lessons learnt for future projects with regard to turbine micro-siting, engineering response time or wind turbine supply improvements.