For Financiers

Look ahead and navigate efficiently through complex investing terrain!

Are you an investor or financier engaging in wind project financing, acquisition or associated due diligence work?

Wind Farm Analytics wishes to highlight multiple additional revenue streams offered to existing and future wind farm developments by the inclusion of energy storage.

Some wind industry participants are starting to position themselves in energy storage due to the many benefits it offers.

Why not hire us for a day of brainstorming on energy storage or commission a cost-benefit analysis in relation to a specific project?

Wind Farm Analytics Ltd also offers detailed, experienced and knowledgeable scrutiny of SCADA data records and many other aspects of operational wind projects. This enables informed investment risk assessment.

Why not obtain a due diligence opinion or technical review from us? We will quickly highlight production discrepancies, reporting inconsistencies, abnormal performance or unusually low turbine availabilities, as well as providing an independent straight talking view on whether a potential acquisition is a good project or a lemon.

Wind Farm Analytics has broad knowledge of the wind farm development process and is capable to review turbine supply contracts, environmental impact assessment of noise, shadow flicker, TV and radar and many other components of wind farm development and planning compliance.

Wind Farm Analytics can calculate or review wind farm P50 / P90 energy yield assessments and energy loss estimates in order to scrutinise and cross check their validity.

Therefore Wind Farm Analytics can contribute positively to your due diligence team both for acquisition of operational projects or pre-construction developments.