Raison D’être



The mission of Wind Farm Analytics is to increase the efficiency of wind turbines and to facilitate the success and productivity of wind energy. The reason for this mission is fundamental strategy of human survivability and sustainability. Our contribution to humanity is to assist the sustainable production of energy. We do this by applying problem-solving skills and intellectual effort and studying the data which is available to us.



We have a vision of true civilisation where there is no need for waging war in order to dominate scarce resources such as oil or food because humanity can apply reasoning in order to find ways of providing sufficient resources in a sustainable manner. Nature provides the opportunities to achieve this vision harmoniously, in a civilised manner and avoiding short-term greed.



Its all about sustainability and civilisation. Wind Farm Analytics believes that human progress and true civilisation requires forward thinking stewardship of the environment and it is clear that exploitation of natural resources must only be done in a responsible and sustainable manner or else such natural resources will simply run out.