Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems on modern wind turbines provide a treasure trove of data which needs to be analysed and monitored in order to get the most out of your wind turbines. Wind turbine owners, you paid for the SCADA system so why not use it fully?

Apart from power curve data and error logs there are a wide range of operating characteristics which can be studied. Wind Farm Analytics has knowledge of what are the significant characteristics to focus analysis effort on. Wind Farm Analytics possesses computer programming and logic skills required to handle large amounts of SCADA data. We also have many years of expert scientific data analysis experience which enables quick identification of problems and the experience to interpret anomalies.

Trends, time series, correlations, missing data, large data sets – we can handle it, study it, interpret it, present it and summarise our findings in a concise report of conclusions and recommendations.

Why did your rotor RPM versus power characteristic suddenly change? Was this associated with a change in production efficiency?